Everything You Always Wanted to Know About User Experience Strategy*

*But Were Afraid to Ask

UX Strategy is like sex in the sixth grade; everyone talks about it, almost no one is doing it, and the learning material is all about its consequences.

  • UX strategy is a form of communication.
  • A good UX strategy is short (fits into one page).
  • And doesn’t focus on UX design.
  • It is aimed at senior managers and executives, but send it to your team too and add your personal touch to it
  • The goals are the first and most important part of the strategy document, you should balance business and user goals here.
  • Finish the document with a schedule and the cost, those are the other things senior managers will look for.
  • For a quick win use the kaizen-ux delivery process.

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UX Kanban Style

Quick win

I will demonstrate to you how a methodology developed by a Japanese car manufacturer in the ‘50s can tremendously improve the workflow of the team you are managing, especially a creative team. After implementing Kanban at WhatUsersDo, we now have a streamlined workflow, which now can be overviewed and managed easily. We can see bottlenecks and pain-points at a glance, but most importantly everything works smoothly and in a transparent manner, reducing frustration and stress for the team members.
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Why cross-training is vital in UX?

Quick win

Start cross-training the employees in your UX team as soon as possible. The cheapest and most effective cross-training is when members of the same organization train each other. This creates a broader understanding of the organization, but benefits do not stop there…
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7 quick wins in UX management

Managing UX teams can be the adventure of your life, but from time to time it might feel like you are surrounded by an angry mob trying to lynch you. (Most of the time no lynching will take place, tough.)

I have distilled my UX management experience into 7 quick win tips you can start using right now to improve your life and make your teams happy.
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