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I’m speaking at The Research Thing‘s Remote Research Tools event on Monday, 20th of July, 2015.

The event is sponsored by WhatUsersDo and hosted at UCL. You can sign-up using this link.

Sketchnotes by Makayla Lewis

Sketchnotes from Research Thing drawn by Makayla Lewis

My talk

Five real world examples how remote UX testing is a lot better than running a lab. You will learn what and how you can test without straining your budget with a very expensive lab test… while getting a lot more value for your money. I will focus on the WhatUsersDo platform, a remote user testing tool, which enables you to capture in-the-moment natural user insights. I will show how to turn business objectives into research objectives, create test designs and launch them, then how to analyse the resulting videos.

As a bonus I will tell you a well-kept secret: the up-my-sleeve ace when it comes to stakeholder management.





UCL, Roberts Building
Torrington Place
corner Malet Place

Update: Event pictures

anything-can-be-tested networking-in-ucl

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