Speaking at TEDxTarguMures

On the 12th of September I will speak at TEDxTarguMures: Seeds of Change, held in my hometown. Being chosen to be a speaker at a TEDx event in an achievement by itself, but I challenge fate even more, by choosing this topic: A website from 2020.
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Talk at Brand Online [London, UK]

I’m speaking at the Brand Online FMCG Brand commerce workshop (1st July, Royal National Hotel, London). My talk is titled: Learn How to Identify and Stop Conversion Killers – The Easy Way to Increase Online Sales. I will tell you how to stop conversion killers with valid, actionable research. You will understand how research can help UX design and how to maximise its effectiveness. You will learn how to integrate user research into your workflow with the Kaizen-UX management methodology, while making your company more user-centric. I will tell you stories of real world projects and you will get a jumpstart into real user exposure.
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Guest Speaker at UX Crunch – London’s Largest UX Networking Event

When? Tuesday, June 2, 2015 from 6:00 PM
Where? Revolution Underground, 140-144 Leadenhall Street, London, EC3V 4QT, UK
Why UXDesign Driven by Research Really Rocks! As a guest speaker at UX Crunch, I will tell you the story of 3 different UX projects at 3 different corporations. You will understand how research can help UX design, how to maximise its effectiveness and how to integrate it into your workflow with the Kaizen-UX management methodology. UX Crunch is revolutionising the way in which UX people network. With over 3000 UX professionals invited, from across a range of industries, UX Crunch is an event not to be missed (expect to sell out within a few days).
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Talk at Agile UX [London, UK]

Interested in The seven(+) deadly sins in UX Design? Then come to my speech: 6PM, April 9, 2015. Thanks to the event sponsor (Huddle) the venue is Maersk House, E1 8EP, London. Bonus: There will be live drawing with Aurora Suriel Melchor! (And pizza, beer and other goodies, thanks to Huddle.)
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