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7 UX lessons I’ve learned from Pokémon Go

Augmented Reality is the next big thing. You should prioritize innovation over feature completeness. Probably those are the two most important UX sentences of the last two weeks. Please read the article if you want to catch all the UX lessons I’ve learned from Pokémon Go. Comment if I missed something.

Pokemon Go UX lessons
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5 skills to skyrocket your UX career in 2017

What do I need to learn to get an amazing UX/UI jobs in 2017? – This is the most frequent question I get from Senior UX/UI designers. In this article, I will tell you the answer, which will give your career (and your paycheck) a huge boost.
5 UX skills for 2017
Why not UX or UI? Like it or not, most senior and/or manager level jobs in our trade are UX/UI jobs, rarely pure UX or UI jobs. People try very hard to explain the differences, but from a hiring manager’s perspective, it looks miles better if you have UI skills for a UX design job and vice versa. Obviously, you don’t need to be able to install Yeoman using npm to grab a well-paid UX researcher job, but if you know some JavaScript wizardry, you might be on the right track for a £75k+ salary. So let’s get started with the 5 bulletproof UX/UI skills for 2017.
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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About User Experience Strategy*

*But Were Afraid to Ask

UX Strategy is like sex in the sixth grade; everyone talks about it, almost no one is doing it, and the learning material is all about its consequences.

  • UX strategy is a form of communication.
  • A good UX strategy is short (fits into one page).
  • And doesn’t focus on UX design.
  • It is aimed at senior managers and executives, but send it to your team too and add your personal touch to it
  • The goals are the first and most important part of the strategy document, you should balance business and user goals here.
  • Finish the document with a schedule and the cost, those are the other things senior managers will look for.
  • For a quick win use the kaizen-ux delivery process.

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How Many Test Users? 3… 5… 10? Try 46!

Quick win

Yes, this is yet another blog post on number of test participants, but this time it is based on very large samples and statistical wizardry. The total length of remote user research videos recorded by the WhatUsersDo platform in 2014 adds up to a jaw-dropping 2861 hours 03 minutes and 43 seconds. (It would take 120 days to watch them, if you would be watching user videos 24/7 without a break.) The core research for this article is based on 375 videos. After statistically analysing those results, I must say that 5 users is way too low. Most of the time you end up finding about 31% or less of all possible insights. How do I know what is the number of all possible insights? Because we conducted a very large-scale study, and found no unique insights, everything was repeated at least twice. As a result I have created “the big table of problems, research answers and number of tests to solve them“.
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