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Speaking at eCommercePlage [Siófok, HU]

I’m speaking at the eCommercePlage on Friday, 25th of August, 2017. The two-day conference will be held at Balaton Hotel Siófok, Hungary. My talk will be titled Konverzióoptimalizálási esettanulmányok: így növeli a UX/UI a konverziót (Conversion optimization case-studies: this is how UX/UI will increase conversion).
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OneDevice: The next big thing to replace all other devices

All smartphones will become obsolete by the end of 2018. They might share their fate with the laptops, eBook readers, tablets, phablets, consoles and myriads of devices we have in early 2017. In this article, I will explore the cause of this imminent and unavoidable revolution. I will talk about the next device type, the usurper that will dethrone the smartphone and replace many devices with a single ingenious solution. Finally, we will see what can you do to gain a competitive advantage in the OneDevice era.
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7 UX lessons I’ve learned from Pokémon Go

Augmented Reality is the next big thing. You should prioritize innovation over feature completeness. Probably those are the two most important UX sentences of the last two weeks. Please read the article if you want to catch all the UX lessons I’ve learned from Pokémon Go. Comment if I missed something.

Pokemon Go UX lessons
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5 skills to skyrocket your UX career in 2017

What do I need to learn to get an amazing UX/UI jobs in 2017? – This is the most frequent question I get from Senior UX/UI designers. In this article, I will tell you the answer, which will give your career (and your paycheck) a huge boost.
5 UX skills for 2017
Why not UX or UI? Like it or not, most senior and/or manager level jobs in our trade are UX/UI jobs, rarely pure UX or UI jobs. People try very hard to explain the differences, but from a hiring manager’s perspective, it looks miles better if you have UI skills for a UX design job and vice versa. Obviously, you don’t need to be able to install Yeoman using npm to grab a well-paid UX researcher job, but if you know some JavaScript wizardry, you might be on the right track for a £75k+ salary. So let’s get started with the 5 bulletproof UX/UI skills for 2017.
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